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06 January 2007 @ 09:33 pm
Today was the BEST DAY EVER!


I'm still sick, but the thing is I haven't been drinking or eating that much. And my mom was pretty pissed at the doctors cause since my doctor had the day off so I had the on call doctor. The on call doctor said it was a viral thing and if it didn't get better by the next day then we should get an appointment to see if it's something else. My mom has been pushing for a mono test because I have all the symptoms for it, and she wanted to make sure that I won't/don't have it.

She called today because Sophie was still sick. They told her to wait another three days, at which my mom argued until they said that maybe it would be a good idea to get a mono test.

At the doctors office I feel pretty crappy and I remember watching something about a Teen Clique terrorizing a student? I dunno I thought it was a bit funny how they said, 'THE CHEERLEADERS WERE HARRASING SOMEONE ELSE! BLAH BLAH BLAH!'

Now, here's something that I haven't told you guys. I'm scared of needles, I usually get a bit freaked out but once it's in me then I'm ok. It's just when they first put the needle... god I can get scared. This is why I'm NEVER worried that I'd get addicted to Drugs because I'd freaked out before I get high.

They tried to get blood from my left arm, but she didn't hit the viens and I remember her saying, 'Oh, it looks like we have to do the other arm' and then... I don't know what happens I just remember one moment I was beeing carried to this bed thingy. I apparently passed out.

They had me lie down and then I started to hyperventilate which isn't that fun. They had to call a nurse from the ER to come check me out cause I wasn't getting any better. At first I REALLY didn't like her, she brought with her Orange Juice.

Don't get me wrong, Orange Juice is pretty yummy but it leaves the WORST after taste. And when you have a sore throat that doesn't allow you to swallow NOTHING not even water. Orange juice BURNS when it goes down your throat. Oh well, I spat 90% of it after I took the smallest sips in the world.

The finally got my blood and I tested negative for Mono which is good because FINALS are coming up and it would SUCK if I had to miss one or failed one because I had this. But the results also said I was dehyderated. Which isn't that big of a surprise since I've barely drank or ate anything! So in the end they told me they can take me to the ER and get and Iv put into me OR I can go home and force myself to drink a bazillion cups of water.

I went home because I was so tired, and it was nice cause I watched Ferrius Beuller's Day Off. I also threw up whatever liquids I manged to swallow. Including that Orange Juice.

Eh, at least I'm feeling a little bit better but today wasn't that great.

My greatest acomplishment? I got three puppies on The Sims 2 Pets! :p
Mood: sick